Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Big Thank You!

My final year of engineering and ahhh! what a great feeling of being senior. You come across many a new faces and encounter innocent minds , lazy brains ,naughty ones and oh, how can i forget the
hyperactive ones ….
I remember one of my juniors passing by me, wishing me just casually, not making me feel senior and i remember myself nodding in response just the usual way. She was never one of my favourites or for whom i had any special feelings. I had always thought she was indifferent kinds, or atleast to me she behaved like. Most of the times I had seen her alone which I thought she always preferred, adding some kind of arrogance to her personality.
Once for a change i wanted to concentrate on studies and chose to do so on the stairs outside my room. Suddenly this girl came and nudged me. She gave me her phone, kept it near my ears and her actions made me to understand that i was supposed to talk to some person on the phone. Being senior to her, i found it a little annoying, thinking that, “she could at least explain or ask me to do so.” But huh!Her indifferent attitude. Before I could give her a scolding, I saw her pleading eyes and at the same time I heard a voice on the other side of the phone saying, “hello, hello….kindly do me a favour. Can you just let me know if she is fine? Hello… she can neither hear nor speak properly. I am her mother and kindly help me to know her welfare.” Hearing this i was just shocked and at a loss of words. Finally controlling myself, I ventured to explain the other person on line everything what she was explaining me through actions. After i kept the phone i felt a sudden surge of emotions. I thought
what an image i had of her? I mean how could i even think she was indifferent and arrogant without actually knowing her. I wanted to hug her but couldn’t somehow as i felt too small. I felt sad but i learnt a lesson of lifetime. Now I know I cannot judge a person without actually knowing him or her.

After a few months, on the day of my farewell she came running to me and asked me to wait. She got with her a paper and a pen on which she wrote “u r beautiful”. Reading it i felt chocked so much so that i couldn’t even properly thank her. Through her I had learnt a lesson that, sometimes all that someone expects from you is a smile, or may b a gentle hand or extra time from your side…..
“U r beautiful.” was the best compliment I had ever got and perhaps will ever get.
A big Thank You..........again!

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