Thursday, April 14, 2011


Do we write our story or is it already written ? Does there exist a master plan that is already made for us?? This is hard one for me. This concept is very amazing and at times one fails to explain why we constantly try to change our destiny even if we believe it’s all written.The universe is His creation but it is far from being understood by us.

Maktub-It is written. This one word has a ring of magic attached to it and it actually rings my bells. No matter how horribly things go or they might not be the way you planned them , it is as said by Paulo “if you want something with all your heart and you believe it is your destiny, then the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it, because it is written. And if it is written, it happens.”
I sometimes wonder about the hindi saying “"Waqt se pahle aur kismat se jyada na kisi ko mila hai na milega" which means we don't get more or less than what we deserve nor is it sooner or later than it should be....because it has been so designed by Him already.

This reminds me of a conversation with a friend of mine .One of these days i told my friend that i wanted to help a person who i believed was not very good to me. I thought may be a good gesture from my side would make him feel better and may be it changes things between us. My friend a strong believer of maktub advised me to leave the situation as it was and explained his point of view through a short story. So, he explained “ Once there was a gentleman who used to help people and cared for their suffering. Once while walking on the road he saw a dog running after a cat. He thought the dog might eat the cat ,so he ran after the cat , picked it and threw it away and while doing that he met with an accident and died. After his death he was sent to hell and there he asked God the reason for his being sent to hell .God replies “he had committed a blunder by interfering between the dog’s hunt for cat. He further explained that dog was hungry for several days and it was the time for the cat to die, which was destined.” He begs God to give him life once again and promises to correct his misdoing, and he is granted the wish. After some days he again sees a dog running after the cat and this time he throws the cat into dog’s mouth and dies again. He is again sent to hell and God tells him that he has repeated the mistake. He explains “ this time the dog was not hungry and the cat was rightly saving itself as it was not the time for the cat to die.”

My friend while narrating the story wanted me to believe that we have to let things happen as they are happening. Everything is already destined. One has to understand destiny, path of fate and the mysterious ways in which things work. Since God is beyond time, He knows all, and His knowing itself signifies everything is written.

But that brings me to a big question mark in my mind ------ Can one wait actually for the destiny to happen or can one wait for the time to make miracles. All i can say at last is what still remains in our hands is to continue trying, and let heart and head join to get something you want desperately and believe that its your destiny, then let the whole universe conspire in helping you achieve it and wait it to happen as if it is destined ,to be credited to the magical term "Maktub"......!!


  1. Fantastic !! A strong wave of thoughts !! Hats off Ms Koul!!

  2. :) beautiful piece of writing Hemange, and yes it is destined... let me tell u how i understand this, suppose i bake a cake and show u, ur first question would be :why did u bake this cake, and unless i tell u the purpose of the cake(bday, anniversary etc etc) u wouldnt know it.. similarly as God has created each of us, he has a purpose for us, every one of us has a purpose, and God even speaks to us thru our hearts, so we should never stop listening to r hearts, again the alchemist theory, the heart tells u things no one can comprehend :) but we are all people from the future as i say :)

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