Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Does Love need Buttress of NUMBERS?

Once Bullah Shah was sitting on the bank of a river when he saw a lady selling carrots. He noticed that she only sold in volumes. However, upon being approached by a handsome man she changed her manner and herself picked the best carrots for him. Surprised, Bullah questioned her about the reason for making such a distinction. The lady replied that the man was her husband. And it moved him when she said, "There is no accounting between lovers." This made Baba Bullah forego his rosary. He wondered if he was insane to have counted its beads... This made Bullah Shah realize, what the point of carrying a rosary is. He put it away and asked himself, Bullah are you insane? Why are you doing counting with your beloved? Why count what Waheguru has given me? 

Love does not need the BUTTRESS of NUMBERS. Love grows in purity and simplicity. In stillness of heart one feels love in abundance. Accounting of how many times you pray, how many times you visit temple, which day you fast is being biased. One of the main principles on which Shaivism – Path to Enlightenment is based is to get rid of any bias that you have. To become spiritually enlightened one must not be biased. We can only reach path of enlightenment or spirituality by being impartial towards others. If we look around us, don’t we feel there is basically this one factor that is responsible for whatever is happening around us today- Bias? What if we all could grow beyond our biases?


  1. Loved reading it. Great job :v
    Keep writing.
    You may share the same on fb as well.

  2. Wonderfully written!Although,it's one of the most difficult path to traverse but through love & bakti one can attain the unbaised view of life!

    1. Thanks. Very well said. It is indeed tough but lets try :)

  3. Aye! It is also no use in asking 'how much do you love me'. Or tomtomming how much I love God. Love needs no quantification. What a story! That's what made the saints great...they extracted the profoundest life lessons from trivial happenings. Thanks for sharing, Hemange!

  4. To grow beyond bias is what we all need right now. Insightful!