Monday, February 22, 2010

Small gods--- love them, hug them… :)

20thFeb’10….. Felt great today …… Don’t know how to put it into words. It was one of the most amazing days I’ve ever experienced. I started my day at Preet Mandir, the Orphanage. Though I keep going regularly on Saturdays, yet I’ve never seen anything like it before. At the very outset I felt that the children have started recognizing me as it seemed that they were waiting for me. It feels so special when a group of kids exclaim with excitement and rush into your arms. I too hugged them like Mama Jenny :) . I hardly can describe the time I spent there, as partly it was wonderful and partly heartbreaking. I had brought toys, candy, pencils, and colors with me and a heart full of prayers for these kids. We together made some nice drawings and it was pleasure seeing them eat those chocolates.

I narrated some stories to them and explained to them how God is the most amazing father they’ll ever have. We laughed and enjoyed together. I was reminded what my Mom always says, ‘laughter is contagious, a gift from heaven, a great medicine for the soul.’ Beside the joy I realised by hugging and playing with the children, I experienced for the first time a real sense of sorrow too. While we were playing, one small girl began to cry as another snatched her candy, "give me back my candy, I want it back!" But just after a second a little hug from me made her feel better. I wondered if she would always get a hug whenever she is snatched anything…. I wondered whether she at this small age, may be just 6, she knows what has been snatched from her….her parents…the love and strength which every child is born with and has right to enjoy. Perhaps these small gods at such a small age don’t know what they are missing…..
Another girl was singing and dancing. She was excited to show how well she could dance and sing. There was some kind of spark in her eyes. I simply wondered why she had come to orphanage… may be her parents wanted a male baby or was she the outcome of some unwanted pregnancy? These questions kept haunting my mind. I kept thinking if her parents would see her today, would they find her as beautiful as I find her and would they have been proud by having her. I just could only pray that the sparkle in her eyes and smile on her face remains the same.
I try to visualize what a life they would have led If Only they had parents. I again wonder what life has in store for them. But certainly for me it was a life time experience… I know I have grown mature by being with them. I have grown in faith and learnt to be contented…..


  1. Awesum job HK...Little things often become so memorable.

  2. really touched my heart.... we never even imagine our selves not being loved by our parents ..but seeing these little children makes you realize how blessed you are...its gr8 that u make an effort for these children..god bless u

  3. gr8 1 hemange.....liked ur effort & the blog tooo...truly inspiring as wel...nothing cn be better than - ' u making a person smile'....& tht too at tough tims...which u hv don alredy...kip it up!.. :)

  4. hey hemangee thats a great job u doin..its really nic of ya gurl,,and i plan a visit soon afta reading ya blog....seriously gurl,,thr shud b few more people in this world lika ya...

  5. WHat should I say.. too cool or superb or fantabulous....
    Kudos Hemangi..!!

  6. nice work NRI...hats off to u for dis...