Saturday, May 8, 2010

MoM...... I LovE YoU

MoM Dis one is for u.....
"How beautifully painstakinly you brought me into this world is a wonder.From each moment..from my birth to my childhood and uptill now you are present in me throughout."
Everything you do is love, Mom....In every prayer,every deed, every action and everything.You love me when I don't love myself.You love me when I do!.You love me when m not confident.You love me when i m.You love unconditionally.
I remember when I was little and you loved to read and write. Watching how much you loved reading and writing made me want to read and write too(So here i m writing this 4 u).Thank you for teaching me to love to read and write.

I feel safe from all the harm when you hold me tight inside your arms.I feel the warm love from your heart.Nine months you carried me in your womb Suffered much pain until I was born.I still remember chahu(Ravi Bhaya) saying that you didn't walk for almost last three months during pregnancy because of the heavy snowfall.You used to crawl all the way through just to keep me safe.You always take good care of me, my mom.......
I thank the Lord, my God above for giving me you..
You keep telling me everyday to have fruits and milk.I eat fruits and drink milk which makes 5ml of blood bcos I know that if I don’t,you will burn 50ml.Ways are different mom – the reason remains same. This may sound silly but know it Mom( i know you know it but still)– I love you.I love you......I love you.......


  1. love ur expression of words !!

  2. Thanx Mahwash :)Wish ur Mom too on my behalf :)

  3. no mother can help tears on reading this and so can't i. every mother does every thing for her child and so have i tried to while bringing u up. but your reciprocation makes it special... u make me feel proud...thanks my dear angel.
    God bless you ... i love you too!
    :) Mwaaah.....

  4. awww hemange its jss so sweet...luvd da simplicity n enormity of ur wurdz.....

  5. O'sum & ....shud praise ur nicely carved emotions ...& a 1derful gift 2 ur mom...

  6. Very Heart warming...Mom's are the best :)