Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Because She Is.........

It's Beautiful to be home where my soul lives especially when she is around. ‘Beautiful’ she says, as she puts her delicate finger under my chin. She smiles and says ‘This nose you have, just like your father’s. Moments of clarity, and moments of sheer wonder written in the voice of my home's heart and it is so amazing to look out through my soul's window and to really see and feel how much I love her and how beautiful and lovelier she looks every time I see her..Yes my grandmother.
Her soft hands, her sweet smelling oil, her favourite word ‘beautiful’ , the sound of her voice singing songs especially her favourite lori’s for me( Meri gudiya kitni achhi, baatein karti sachhi sachhi,roz savere uthke nahati, haye re sabke mann ko bhati, halwa puri use khilaoon, dahi dudh main pilaoon), her lovely and genuine smile, all those small things make my gran the woman I love so dearly. While sleeping she runs her beautiful fingers through my hair and I sleep in peace thinking about all the things I learned from her “Love and believe”
She love me a lot.., there's no doubt about it. She bursts whenever I leave home. Her deep, brown eyes light up, and her full-bellied laugh fills the air when she sees me back. She'll pray to all the angels and saints especially during my exams to make sure I’m kept safe, warm and happy for then and forever.

Now that I’M thousands of miles away, there's nothing i want more than to sit on my grandma's lap, enveloped in her embrace. I simply love her because she is ...

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